Core Values

We represent Mid-America Sand & Gravel Co. and Mid-America Recycling. Our Core Values are the essential and enduring beliefs of our organization. They have a profound impact on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts. They also establish the enduring character of our organization and provide a consistent “identity” that transcends management fads, technological changes, and individual leaders. Our organization may develop new purposes, employ new strategies, re-engineer processes and significantly restructure; however, our identity and ideology will remain intact. Our Core Values provide the glue that holds our organization together through time.

SAFETY – We strive to make our work environment as safe as possible, abiding by industry accepted practices, standards and regulations. Safety for all individuals and the environment will be our concern at all our work locations and while traveling from location to location. Making workplaces safe for all individuals and the environment through systematic evaluation and improvement is our goal. WE ARE SAFE!

INTEGRITY – Our products and services are available and fair to all. We communicate honestly and accurately to establish credibility and respect. We are truthful in all our dealings, working in accord with the prevailing laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies, and procedures. Acceptance of responsibility is critical to our effectiveness. We treat others like we would want to be treated ourselves. WE ARE ETHICAL, HONEST & FAIR!

QUALITY – The products and services we provide reflect our commitment to only the highest quality. We intend to build quality, excellence, and on-time delivery into all our products and services. WE BUILD QUALITY!

COST-EFFECTIVENESS & PROFITABILITY – Our objective is to provide products and services at the lowest possible cost AND make a profit. Profits and cash flow are like blood and water to a healthy body. They are absolutely essential for life. Profit funds the employee incentive programs, training programs, purchasing state of the industry equipment and all other functions that are essential for the success and growth of the company. WE ARE COST-EFFECTIVE AND PROFITABLE!

INNOVATION – We constantly evaluate our processes, systems and methods to determine if more efficiency can be applied. All employees seek to promote fresh ideas and to eliminate redundancy. Improvement is obtained through our individual and collective preparation, involvement, commitment, and creativity. WE ARE INNOVATIVE!